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Ilhas Baleares Ilhas Baleares

Balearics Islands

Situated off the east coast, a short cruise from Valencia, this group of beautiful islands features attractive coastlines with a combination of beaches, wide bays, pleasant coves and striking capes.

Mallorca - An exciting holiday destination, with a perfect mix of history, fine restaurants, café culture, buzzing nightlife and stunning scenery.

Ibiza - One of the best known islands in the world, famous for its hedonistic 'club culture' as well its unspoilt coastline, golden beaches and crystalline water- perfect for swimming and snorkelling.

Menorca and Formentera, the two smaller Balearic Islands offer a quieter atmosphere, extraordinary beauty, stunning beaches and turquoise seas.

Mallorca Vista Palma de Mallorca Catedral Palma de Mallorca Menorca Mata Cidade Praiana Palma de Mallorca Mãe e Filha Catedral de Mallorca Menorca Praia Mallorca Praia Ilha Praia deserta Praia deserta Menorca
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