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Rapidly becoming Europe's hottest leisure destination, Croatia offers thousands of kilometres of incredible coastline dotted with over 1000 offshore islands, a mild Mediterranean climate and a largely unspoilt, peaceful and intriguing ambiance.

Croatia's 'Dalmatian' 375km coastline offers fabulous beaches, stunning views, tiny unspoiled harbours, timeless cities, great food and an enviable cultural heritage that encompasses strong and very visible Venetian influences. The jagged coast is speckled with lush offshore islands that are part of the reason the region has become such a popular cruising destination.

At the northern end lies the Istrian Peninsular, offering 445 kms of intricately indented shoreline, unexplored beaches, crystal clear seas backed by verdant green countryside - the perfect location for those seeking peaceful solitude.

Also in the north is the Kvarner region, longer established as a vacation destination, famous for its superb beaches, clear seas and local seafood.

Further south, Split, the second largest coastal city is steeped in history and culture providing refinement and entertainment in equal measure. The remarkable Diocletian's Palace (a World Heritage site) makes a visit to the city more than worthwhile, then explore the tangle of marble streets surrounding the majestic cathedral in the centre of town. On the waterfront you will find beaches and a harbourside promenade lined with cafés, all set against high coastal mountains and the blue Adriatic.

In the far south, close to the borders of Bosnia and Montenegro, sits Dubrovnik, the jewel of the Adriatic, a breathtakingly beautiful and ancient city, and an increasingly popular stop for yachts.

Indulge in Croatia's secret and alluring charm, explore the coastline and the islands. You will find great food, good domestic wine with plenty of cultural diversions, as well as a vibrant café scene.

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