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Oceano Indico Oceano Indico

Indian Ocean

A vast expanse of open seas, the Indian Ocean stretches from East Africa all the way to Australia, bounded by India in the north and the Antarctic seas to the far south. Such a wide spread of ocean features a multitude of island chains and coastlines to explore.

Some favoured destinations include:

Madagascar - A large tropical island sitting off the East Africa coast, offering a plethora of stunning scenery from isolated beaches to bizarre rock formations and rainforests - a yachting paradise.

The Seychelles - Over a 100 tropical islands, with dazzling white beaches and nestling in warm crystal clear waters. Add in the rhythms, colours and flavours of nearby Africa and you have the recipe for the perfect tropical paradise.

The Maldives - Often described as 'the last paradise on earth' this beautiful island chain of over a thousand coral islands have it all - tranquil turquoise lagoons, pure white beaches, swaying palm trees and fabulous coral reefs teeming with marine life, It is a major destination for scuba divers.

Across the Indian Ocean is Thailand, SE Asia's most popular tourist destination, with its irresistible melange of breathtaking natural beauty, inspiring temples, ancient culture, renowned hospitality and of course its amazing cuisine.

Thailand offers a wide choice of destinations with something for everyone whether its the peaceful tranquillity of the verdant islands dotting the Andaman Sea or the vibrant bustle of busy Bangkok.

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