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Corsega e Sardenha Corsega e Sardenha


Known to the Ancient Greeks as Kallisto (the most beautiful), Corsica lives up to its name. The sheer richness of the Corsican landscape is almost beyond description, given its splendour and variety. One of the larger Mediterranean islands, Corsica enjoys a largely unspoilt landscape, with large uninhabited areas, extensive forests and rugged mountain ranges. An island blessed with a glorious mixture of scenery, sunny climate and a diverse population with its distinct history and culture.

The long 1000 kilometre coastline is similarly diverse and attractive with a wide choice of enchanting features, bays and welcoming harbours. Two of its principal attractions being the stunning red cliffs of the Gulf of Porto, famous for its striking sunsets, and the ancient Citadel in Calvi whose ramparts dominate a rocky promontory jutting out into the sea.


Even larger than its near neighbour, Sardinia boasts equally beautiful and exciting scenery - imposing granite cliffs, a rocky coastline with secluded bays, a verdant green and mountainous interior surrounded by a brilliant turquoise sea. Perfect for diving and water sports.

On Sardinia's northwest coast lies the internationally renowned Costa Smeralda, a classic millionaire's paradise renowned for its constant wind conditions making it ideal for sailing. In the centre of this region lies Porto Cervo, its picturesque terracotta villas, forming a backdrop to luxury mega yachts, and the Piazzetta, the place to be seen! Porto Cervo is a haven for the yachting set with soft white sandy beaches and many little inlets only accessible by sea.

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